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Come to the Magical Land of Oz

just use the tornado

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This is a role playing community for The Wizard of Oz.
How it starts: This starts after Dorathy arrives in Oz. We aren't following the movie. We make our own storylines and keep our characters. in canon. We can get very creative so we can have ALL kinds of characters from the movie.
-Dorothy: 0verthe_rainbow
-The Scarecrow: theunscarecrow
-The Tin Man: _bangonit
-The Cowardly Lion:
-Auntie Em:
-Uncle Henry:
-Miss Gulch:
-The Wicked Witch of the West: wickedgreenone
-Glinda the Good Witch of the North: lovelyglinda
-Flying Monkeys: ozflyingmonkey (we can have more monkeys)
Anyone else you can think of!
-No fighting.
-You must post in your chatacters journals and in the community at least once a week.
-You must have AIM. All the role playing takes place in the chats.
-Keep up.
-Keep in canon.
-No cursing, this is The Wizard of Oz! Even the Wicked Witch used "Curses!" to replace fuck. There's no need for it.
-Any trouble, talk to me
-If you post out of your charachter in the community, then title your post as OOC and if you are in character then title it as IC.
-No original characters. This is because there isnt any need, just pick on the the characters from the list.
-Absolutely no creating storylines, killing off characters, or making any major moves with your character without discussing it with me first! (breaking this rule will get you banned)
How to join:
-My AIM is
-My Live Journal
Let me know what character you want, and any questions you have. Simple, huh?